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1969-2022, an award-winning artist and sculptor from the village of Kasongan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He was also a lecturer at the Indonesian Institute of Art, for the Faculty of Arts with a major in crafts.

Timbul was best known for his large-scale masterpieces like the pipe sculptures. They are made from highly polished stainless-steel pipe that is individually placed and welded together to create astonishing, complex forms like mustangs and bulls.

He worked with all kinds of metals and had long experience and understanding for the properties in the materia, but he also masters techniques such as; model making, moulding, casting, jointing, metal finishing and even painting on canvas.

Each piece he ewer crated was hand-sculpted. Sadly he passed away in sep -22.


• 2007 – Received the UPAKARTI award from the President of the republic of Indonesia.
• 2008 – Completed Doctoral study of art at the Gadjah Mada University of Yogyakarta.
• 2009 – Being the chairman of the kasongan pottery crafters cooperative “Setya Bawana”.
• 2011 – Received the OVOP (One Village One Product) Award from Japan.
• 2013 – Became a one of the exemplary lectures of Indonesia (National Achievement Educators).
• 2016 – Chairman of the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association
• 2017 – Became MAESTRO (Best Artist) of Fine Arts in the Maestro Joint Learning Program from the ministry of education and culture of Indonesia.
• 2017 – Received the Cultural Driving Award from the regional government of Bantul Regency.
• 2018 – Received the Citra Lestari Kehati award from the Eviromental Service in Yogyakarta.
• 2019 – Gold Adex Award for Design Excellence

Een målning
Porträttbild av konstnären: Helena Hötzl Setterström

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